What type of cuisine and delicacies are served in Bhutan?

The typical Bhutanese meal is rice (Indian white rice, or the indigenous red variety), with chilies and vegetables three times a day. There will be servings of different side dishes of beef, pork and chicken spiced with of course Bhutanese chilies and veggies.

Chilies are an essential and prominent spice for almost every dish. A Bhutanese will remain incomplete without chilies.

Ema datshi is the national dish that is available in every hotel, restaurant and home. It is prepared with chilies and cheese. It’s spicy and is typically eaten every single day. Veterans say you haven’t really visited Bhutan unless you’ve tried emadatshi. Your guide will know the best to arrange for you when you want to try the special dish.

Salted Butter tea (suja) is prepared with salt and butter. It is served on all social occasions. In traditional homes in the Bhutanese hinterland, the serving host will sit beside you with a jar full of the butter tea and will almost instantly fill your cup to the brim after you have had a sip! That’s part of the Bhutanese tradition, of course.

Chang and Ara is a clearlocal alcohol distilled from grains.