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About us:

Get Into Bhutan – Escape Completely!

Get Into Bhutan Tours – a specialist tours organizer registered under the law of government-licensed travel agency that is dedicated to providing and offering all holiday needs and travellers the best travel experience in the Land of Thunder Dragon (Bhutan). We cater to all group sizes and offer customized packages tailored to the needs and interests of our travellers to make every experience memorable and exclusive. There is so much to be discovered in this tiny Himalayan Kingdom often called the last Shangri-La. Your trip to Bhutan should be as precious and unique as the jewels held in the claws of the Thunder Dragon – the iconic symbol of Bhutan.     

Get Into Bhutan Tours abide the concept of Bhutan tourism policy which focus on sustainable tourism because sustainable tourism respect the culture and traditions of our people and their natural environments, it contributes to the conservation of our natural and cultural heritage and improves the well being of our citizens within the overall concept of Gross National Happiness (GNH).

Our aim is to provide holidays of real value and enjoyment in our tiny Himalaya country. Our website has been developed as an aid to this, and offers you instant access to our complete destination/resort portfolio, with regular updates throughout the year. However we do encourage personal discussion, either by telephone or through website links. We are well travelled, know the resorts well, and are delighted to discuss your holiday plans in greater detail as required.

We also provide special interest trips that acquaint visitors with even the minutest details of this wonderland called Bhutan. A team of professional guides certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan leads our trips. These guides are well equipped with all the skills, attitude, aptitude and knowledge per-requisite of a tour guide as desired by their profession.

Get Into Bhutan Tours also feel proud to mention that we have the experiences and resources to cater to all your travel needs from booking of flights to processing of visas both for individuals as well as larger groups. Being able to serve you up to the mark here in Bhutan is not just a service component but also a momentous in the life of Get Into Bhutan Tours.

Get Into Bhutan also incorporates a Ticketing Unit that provides outbound airline ticketing and reservations services.

We value the smiles and level of contentment of our clients as they bid farewell reassuring of future visits more than the pecuniary matter. These are what inspire us to up our services a few notches higher towards perfection.

Explore Bhutan through Get Into Bhutan Tours – ensure the most magnificent experience of a lifetime.

Why Us?

Get Into Bhutan Tours strives to make every experience comfortable, memorable, exclusive, and unique.

To achieve this, we make sure that all our travellers are given individual care and attention by our entire team. Get Into Bhutan Tours experienced travel consultants will personally take care of all our clients before and after their arrival to Bhutan to make their entire experience stress-free and well organized.

Here are some of the benefits of traveling with Get Into Bhutan Tours:

Personalised Trips:

We offer fully customized packages based on the traveller’s preferences and interest. We do cater this for all group sizes. You will be in contact with one of our Travel Consultants to customize a trip according to your interests.

Carefree Trip:

Our Travel Consultants will make sure that all your travel needs are arranged before your arrival so that your entire experience in Bhutan will be carefree and rejuvenating.

Our Values:

It is Get Into Bhutan Tours’ mission is to ensure each experience is unique, worth,  and memorable so that every traveller has the best experience in Bhutan.

Sense of Responsibility

We take seriously our role as ‘Guardian of the Himalayas’ so whilst contributing to the development of adventure Tourism in Bhutan, we are committed to protecting the environment and for that reason we are working and acting as responsible tourism leaders in many possible ways.


To promote responsible and community-based tourism so that locals can enjoy increased socio-economic benefits and improved environment.

To create and promote forms of tourism that provide healthy interaction opportunities for tourists and locals and increase better understanding of different cultures, customs, lifestyles, traditional knowledge and believes.

To promote environmental awareness, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.


Deliver excellence services and experience the real clean nature during their trip to the overall satisfaction of our clients.

Promote the tourism and travel industry with the highest standards of service, ethics and professionalism in line with the noble vision of Gross National Happiness.