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A specialist tours organizer registered under the law of government-licensed travel agency that is dedicated to providing and offering all holiday needs and travellers the best travel experience in the Land of Thunder Dragon (Bhutan). We cater to all group sizes and offer customized packages tailored to the needs and interests of our travellers to make every experience memorable and exclusive. There is so much to be discovered in this tiny Himalayan Kingdom often called the last Shangri-La. Your trip to Bhutan should be as precious and unique as the jewels held in the claws of the Thunder Dragon – the iconic symbol of Bhutan.

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Get Into Bhutan Tours strives to make every experience comfortable, memorable, exclusive, and unique.
To achieve this, we make sure that all our travellers are given individual care and attention by our entire team. Get Into Bhutan Tours experienced travel consultants will personally take care of all our clients before and after their arrival to Bhutan to make their entire experience stress-free and well organized.


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Bhutan is no ordinary place. It is the last great Himalayan kingdom, shrouded in mystery and magic, where a traditional Buddhist culture carefully embraces global developments.


My trip would not have been this beautiful and I could not have been able to experience Bhutan in its true sense and beauty without GET INTO BHUTAN tours! Thank you for making my time here sincerely a life changing and making me want to come back for more of Bhutan :). You helped me experience the warmth that Bhutan has to offer especially the people and the beauty the natural landscape fills my heart with. I would like to thank you again for my best solo trip!

  Maithili, Orissa India

It’s great to see one of my co-colleagues of Luxury High End Hotel ‘COMO Maalifushi’ in-corporated in Maldives has taken step forward towards operating Travel Agent in Bhutan ‘GET INTO BHUTAN TOURS. In my coming holidays my itinerary includes seeing and visiting amazing monasteries and treks in The Himalayas which are nothing short than incredible and top-notch. I would love to visit Bhutan because there’s so much more to see.
  Gunnar Coffman, Portland, Oregon - United States

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