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Trekking in Bhutan

What makes Bhutan a tourist attraction?

Bhutan bids countless attractions in series. It is made of diverse altitudes, pleasant climate and untouched green vegetation. Bhutan has amazing culture and traditions that will remain etched in your heart once you know its essence coming.Bhutanese are warm, loving and hospitable. Active Buddhist temples,monasteries, historic Dzongs and monuments add to the nation’s treasure, many of which date prior to 17th century which are still very interesting to see.The architecture of Bhutan is so irreplaceable with colorful and well-maintained arts and paintings. The beautiful and colorful attire Bhutanese wear is certainly eye catching. Interesting and lively festivals wait for you in rows.Bhutan, the land of spirit and dream, is always mysterious for trekkers.Climbing the hills and enjoying the views of the untouched mountains will provide you a cleansing experiencing. The routes through the remote villages,Circling around the holy lakes and the sacred sites has something for you. There are so many attractions in Bhutan that make the place worth visiting.

Some words in Dzongkha

Kuzuzangpo La – Greetings and well wishes/Hello

Tashi Delek – May all good things come to you. (Use this as a farewell)

Kardenche La – Thank you.

Lasla, Laso la – Roger/Signing off

Ong,ong – Yes, yes

Log Jay Gay – Goodbye (We will meet again)

What is the road condition like in Bhutan?

Bhutan is a mountainous country; hence the roads are like any other road in Himalayas.All roads are in good condition. Lot of road widening projects is going on to lift the road conditions. Of course there are times when roadblocks in account of natural hazards or there pairing work.

Are there any restrictions to photography in Bhutan

Some sacred places like alter rooms of Dzongs and Lhakhangs are not open for photography by any one. Even visits by tourists are prohibited around here so that the monks can continue their practices without interruption. Parts of many monasteries and temples do not allow photography. Generally Bhutanese people do not mind their photos to be taken, yet it will be always appropriate to take their consent.

How safe is it for a solo traveler (lady traveler) to travel in Bhutan?

Bhutan is a place where the people do not face any discrimination on gender, race,class etc.  Bhutanese women are offered the equal rights as men for education, voting and holding positions in government. Women are always given the first preferences over all the opportunities. Any lady from anywhere can travel here without worrying about any kind of harassment. Bhutanese are very helpful to come to aid to anyone in trouble or distress. Women are respected. Young men have a reasonably liberal attitude towards their relations with women. Nevertheless several misunderstandings can yield if you don’t make your purposes pure from the very beginning. As with any countries you have been to, you cannot be silly and do all the things you won’t do otherwise in your home. It is always safer to exercise general caution.

What about the Personal Security Issues in Bhutan?

Bhutan is considered as one of the safest destinations for tourists. You can totally rely on the tour operator here for trouble free stay.  We assure you an extremely low menace of theft or any kind of harassment. Foreign tourists are usually held in high esteem. However, it is always safer to be cautious with your cash and other valuables. You can either keep on your person or in your vehicle where your driver whom you can have full trust on will safeguard them.

What is the electricity status in Bhutan?

Bhutan has clean and green energy generated by hydro power in the country. It supplies 230 volts, 50 cycles AC system, which is very reliable. Almost all corners of the country have the connectivity to electricity. The standard socket is the Indian-style round pin socket.

How is the availability of Internet & wifi in Bhutan?

There is never a problem about Internet and wifi in cities, hotels and business centers. And the good news is WiFi is free for a few hours use. Guests are even provided with computers while you are inside. But networks be likely to be weak and feeble if you travel to the remotest part of the country.

Purchasing a local SIM card for your smart phone or iPad will give you connectivity outside the hotels or when you are travelling. Reactivated 3G/4G Bhutanese SIM cards are available at a SIM counter located in the post office (to the right of the terminal exit door) at Paro Airport.  The cost for the SIM is approximately US$2.00 plus call credits.

What should one pack to wear in Bhutan?

For tourists we recommend casual travel wear, which are comfortable modest for you and in public. It will be advisable to check out the type of weather we will have here during your visit. You can carry warmer clothes for the evenings and maybe a 2nd pair of shoes for your walk around.

In Bhutan it is mandatory that the nationals follow the national dress code while working visiting at any office or the religious sites.

Dress Code for Entering Dzongs & Monasteries:

The following guidelines should help you in planning what you wear. Your guide will assist you to check the appropriate outfit according the type of visit you has planned for.

Long sleeved trousers with collars are recommended while you visit religious sites and dzongs.

Women can wear a pashmina shawl or scarf in lieu to cover neck & shoulders.

You are advised to wear Full long pants or long skirts that covers your ankles.

Things like hats, umbrellas, t-shirts without collars, knee length/short skirts, ¾length (capri) pants or shorts should be avoided.

It is safer to dress up in smart modest casuals. The religious sites here also demands that you remove your shoes as you enter. You pack some pairs of thick long socks to be used in such sites on the often-cold stone floors.