How are the people, the culture and traditions in Bhutan?

Bhutanese people are regarded as friendly people in the country or elsewhere. They are by nature, physically strong and independent. They also carry an open mind and ready sense of humor. Hospitality is an in-built social value in Bhutan. People from any part of the world can get along fast and well with a Bhutanese.

Bhutanese lead a unique lifestyle and have manners and customs still intact from thousands of years ago. Majority of the population is Buddhist. Their strong belief in“karma” prompts them to show compassion and practice good deeds. Language and literature, the arts and crafts, ceremonies and events, and basic social and cultural values draw their essence from Buddhist religious teachings. The live tradition of fine arts is exhibited in wonderful traditional paintings that can be noticed in monasteries and houses.

Music, dance and handicrafts play a very important role in both by the clergy and the lay population. And one of the most distinctive features of Bhutanese is the dress. Textile specialists and users are progressively esteeming the textile tradition here has distinctive skill, shade and style that.