Here are some useful tips on currency & credit cards.

Consider a budget of US$30 per person per day to cover tips, drinks & handicrafts.

US$100 bills do receive a better exchange rate at local banks.

US dollar bills issued before 2000 will often NOT be accepted!

If taking in Indian Rupees please note 500 or 2000 rupee notes are not accepted.

It is best to obtain some Bhutanese notes from the Paro airport ATM (right of exit door).

ATMs accept Visa & MasterCard (debit & credit).

Traveler’s Cheques (Amex) are accepted, exchange rate isn’t very good.

Visa,Master Card & American Express is now frequently accepted in the larger handicraft shops and in most hotels. When using your credit card please ask the merchant if there is a fee surcharge(usually 37%).