Reasons why everyone is travelling to Bhutan is in bucket-list!

Among many exotic places in the world, the country Bhutan also comes in the list. Bhutan is known as the ‘Land of Thunder Dragon’, one of few countries still bestowed with the adorable and charismatic kings.

Recently Bhutan was listed first in the ‘places to visit in 2020″ by lonely planets. There are ample of reasons to visit Bhutan but why would anyone need a reason to visit the last Shrangrila on earth.

Here is some of the utmost reason why you should add “a trip to Bhutan” in your bucket-list:

1. It’s the only country where the production of Co2 is less than it consumption and 71% of lush green forest coverage which means the only “carbon negative” country in the world hence could there be any better place to purify your soul and body with fresh oxygen.

On top of that Bhutan is the first country in the world to have banned the sale of tobacco under its Tobacco Act of 2010, hence you can ensure clean and fresh air.

2. Among some of the countries, which have not been, colonized Bhutan also comes in the queue. Therefore Bhutan is still enriched with its pure age-old rich culture and traditions. Medieval Fortresses are ubiquitous in Bhutan. Bhutan is decorated with many monasteries, dzongs, chortens, prayer wheels and prayer flags that symbolize Buddhism. Traditional methods are still used for farming, cooking and other tasks. The locals wear the traditional attire and ancient festivals that have been enjoyed since the 16th century still take place. 

3. Bhutan being a small country nestled in the Himalayas is an off-the-beaten-path destination with numerous winding trails and due its rugged terrains provides a multitude of nature based outdoor adventures for adrenalin junkies. However mountains are forbidden to climb but trekking is allowed through trails passing dense forest. If you are a great enthusiast of trekking there is no doubt that the best place to utilize the youthful energy is in Bhutan.

4. Bhutan has a unique development philosophy. It uses happiness of its people to measure national progress. GDP remains secondary. Bhutan may not be the richest country in the world but it definitely has the happiest people in the world. Even now during the pandemic the nation is doing their best to protect the people. There is sense of trust and friendship among the Bhutanese people. The positive happy vibe that the country breathes out makes Bhutan an ideal destination to unwind.

5. Bhutan is gifted with a rich biodiversity due to its significant variance in altitude from the southern foothills to the northern mountains and different climatic conditions in these regions. Its climatic condition ranges from subtropical in the south to alpine region in the north. Visitor’s experience with nature in Bhutan can vary depending on their location and the time of the year. Bhutan is also home to many endangered species therefore if you are a great enthusiast of witnessing some of the rarest species no place is better than Bhutan.

6. One of the most distinctive trait of Bhutan is its cuisine where the most essential ingredients are hot chilies in order to warm up the body in the cold temperatures and cheese with generous serving of rice ,traditionally eaten by hand on wooden kitchenware. Bhutan is the place to give a twist to your taste buds.

7. The residents of Bhutan are honest and humble and very hardworking. They have adopted a simple lifestyle and are grounded in their religion and traditions.  Bhutanese are experts in various aspects of art such as textiles, paintings, sculptures, papermaking, woodcarving, sword making, boot making, bamboo craft, and jewelry. So why not spare sometime and cherish the life at fullest being oneself.

8.  The Dragon Kingdom has a history unlike anywhere else; Bhutan is a land where myth and magic are a part of fact and reality. Bhutan is a Buddhist country and the religion was spread to the nation from Tibet several centuries ago. The tales behind Buddhism’s introduction and the history of the country in general, are fascinating. Such some of the histories are; Tiger’s Nest Monastery was built after subduing the evil spirits by the great Tibetan Buddhist Master Guru Rinpoche  and the nations most famous monk known as the “divine madman” is said to have fought off evil spirits.

Due to it’s varying altitudes and diverse localities Bhutan experiences a wide range of festive celebrations at different period of year.

The best time to visit Bhutan is during the Spring (March to May) when the valleys come alive with flowers in bloom and Autumn (September to November). The major Bhutanese festivals are held during this period and the ideal weather during this period makes trekking a great fun witnessing heavenly Himalayan mountains peaks. The weather is still pleasant, though it can be cold in December and January.

Bhutan has seasonal tariffs so there’ll be fewer tourists and good savings to be made by travelling outside the high season.