Why is Bhutan considered as an expensive tourist destination?

The cost is $200 USD per person during the low season months (Jan, Feb, Jun, Jul, Aug and Dec) per day and on the high season months (Mar, Apr, May, Sep, Oct and Nov), it costs $250 USD per person per day, for groups of three or more. It costs $280 USD for groups of two, for a person per day and it is $290 USD for single traveler per day.

Thereis a big misconception that Bhutan is an expensive destination than elsewhere,but it’s actually not at all, if one really considers the fact and logic ofwhat actually happens in the levied rates. This fee actually includes a 3 staraccommodation, a private guide and a driver for transportation, entrance feesto sites and all meals for your entire stay in the country.  $65 per day is included as royalty that goesto the government towards free education, free healthcare and povertyalleviation. The philosophy behind the binding minimum fee being that itcreates a “high-value/low-impact” tourist environment, as proposed by thegovernment of Bhutan. The government executes and controls this minimum fee inorder to manage tourism in a more sustainable way, to grow and blend sensiblywith the world, without taxing the local environment and more importantly,highlight and conserve the unique ‘culture and tradition” of the country.