What should one pack to wear in Bhutan?

For tourists we recommend casual travel wear, which are comfortable modest for you and in public. It will be advisable to check out the type of weather we will have here during your visit. You can carry warmer clothes for the evenings and maybe a 2nd pair of shoes for your walk around.

In Bhutan it is mandatory that the nationals follow the national dress code while working visiting at any office or the religious sites.

Dress Code for Entering Dzongs & Monasteries:

The following guidelines should help you in planning what you wear. Your guide will assist you to check the appropriate outfit according the type of visit you has planned for.

Long sleeved trousers with collars are recommended while you visit religious sites and dzongs.

Women can wear a pashmina shawl or scarf in lieu to cover neck & shoulders.

You are advised to wear Full long pants or long skirts that covers your ankles.

Things like hats, umbrellas, t-shirts without collars, knee length/short skirts, ¾length (capri) pants or shorts should be avoided.

It is safer to dress up in smart modest casuals. The religious sites here also demands that you remove your shoes as you enter. You pack some pairs of thick long socks to be used in such sites on the often-cold stone floors.