What makes Bhutan a tourist attraction?

Bhutan bids countless attractions in series. It is made of diverse altitudes, pleasant climate and untouched green vegetation. Bhutan has amazing culture and traditions that will remain etched in your heart once you know its essence coming.Bhutanese are warm, loving and hospitable. Active Buddhist temples,monasteries, historic Dzongs and monuments add to the nation’s treasure, many of which date prior to 17th century which are still very interesting to see.The architecture of Bhutan is so irreplaceable with colorful and well-maintained arts and paintings. The beautiful and colorful attire Bhutanese wear is certainly eye catching. Interesting and lively festivals wait for you in rows.Bhutan, the land of spirit and dream, is always mysterious for trekkers.Climbing the hills and enjoying the views of the untouched mountains will provide you a cleansing experiencing. The routes through the remote villages,Circling around the holy lakes and the sacred sites has something for you. There are so many attractions in Bhutan that make the place worth visiting.

Some words in Dzongkha

Kuzuzangpo La – Greetings and well wishes/Hello

Tashi Delek – May all good things come to you. (Use this as a farewell)

Kardenche La – Thank you.

Lasla, Laso la – Roger/Signing off

Ong,ong – Yes, yes

Log Jay Gay – Goodbye (We will meet again)