Is smoking cigarettes allowed in Bhutan?

It is against the law to sell or purchase cigarettes or tobacco products in Bhutan.  It is, however, not forbidden to smoke in appropriate areas. You may carry a small supply for personal use.Please note a 200% duty applies to all imported tobacco products and you must show a valid receipt of purchase to avoid confiscation.

What are the duty-free allowances?

The following are the allowances per person when entering Bhutan:

1 liter bottle of spirits or wine (rigidly enforced)

250 ml of perfume

200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams tobacco, 200% duty fee will apply to bring cigarettes and tobacco products into Bhutan. If you do not have your receipt,you will not be able to bring it into Bhutan.

Currency – no restriction

Gifts/Souvenirs– no restriction